Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Application Testing

1. What is the difference between emulator and simulator?

Emulates the devices based on hardware.
Simulator: Emulates the devices based on software.

2. How do you test different screen size/devices?


3. What is the latest version of Android?

Android – 9.0 (pie) – August 6, 2018

4. What is the latest version of iOS?

iOS 12.1.2 – Dec 17, 2018

5. Full Form of various application extensions:

  • iPA: iOS application archive file
  • APK: Android Application Package file
  • exe: Executable File
  • jad: Java Application Descriptor
  • prc: Palm Resource Compiler


6. Which one is good for test execution? Emulator or physical device?

Physical device

7. What is the command to install application in emulator?

Adb install” path of apk”

8. Explain the Android architecture?

Linux kernel, Libraries, Android Run Time, Application Framework, Applications

9.How you created the log files? Log cat

10. What is ADB command?

Android Debug Bridge

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