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Hello !!!!!

Last 2.5 years, I am working as software testing Engineer in IT field and test the both application as Mobile application and Web Application. It’s a very interesting field. I enjoy this job.

Relation Between Testers and Developers: Bitter Enemies or Secret Lovers?

Some time you feel bad and get the bad relationship with your developer’s but I enjoy this. I believe that one of the important things in the work life of a tester is to have a good working relationship with developers. This will not only make a tester’s job and bug advocacy process easier but will also give him the ability to exert influence on quality, promote positive collaboration and learning opportunities.

Man and woman arm wrestling  Color  Illustrator Ver. 3  Grouped elements    , The battle begins  , Up for a challenge,

Testing is in the service of discovering anything that threatens this value. To provide this service, a tester needs to be able to do a variety of things, such as asking good questions, commenting on requirements, and interacting with a product in such a way that it yields information that’s useful.

Quality of the Best Tester:

  • To understand the Priorities.
  • Ideas generator
  • Don’t compromise the quality
  • To understand the customer requirement.
  • Always thing users perspective
  • To ask the question
  • Stop the Blame Game
  • Analyzing the behavior of the application/Product
  • To have the ability to report the negative thing in the positive way.
  • Excitement to learn new things

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