What is test script,Risk Based Testing, Defect Clustering, Exploratory Testing,Software Configuration Management,Code Walk Through and Scalability Testing?

1. What is the Process for creating a test script?

Step 1 – Thorough understanding of Project.

  1. Reading the requirement documents thoroughly
  2. In absence of docs, we could try to understand the any point of reference that we have – a previous version of the application or wire-frames or screenshots

Step 2 – Find the all areas that will be tested.

After understanding the requirements, we make a list of what are the areas in this application that will be have to be tested. In other words, we identify the test requirements. The focus in this step is to identify “What” to test.

Step 3 – Once We have the test scenarios, planning how to test them,  how to test a particular feature, what data to enter (test data) and what is the expected result.

Once we have the test scenarios, we concentrate next on “How” to test them.  This phase involves writing detailed steps about how to test a particular feature, what data to enter (test data) and what is the expected result.

Once these 3 steps are done, we are ready for testing.

2. What is the most challenging situation you had during testing?

Ans- If you came across any such a situation and found any interesting Bug that was difficult to find out or analyzed any project risk accurately before occurring then this could be the answer to this question.

3. What is Risk Based Testing?

Ans- Identifying the critical functionality in the system then deciding the orders in which these functionality to be tested and applying testing.

4. What is Defect Clustering?

Ans- Any small module or functionality may contain more number of defects – concentrate more testing on these functionality.

5. What is Exploratory Testing?

Ans. Exploring the application, understanding the functionality, adding (or) modifying existing test cases for better testing is called exploratory testing.

6.  What is Software Configuration Management?

Ans. The process of identifying, Organizing and controlling changes to software development and maintenance.
A methodology to control and manage a software development project

7. What is Code Walk Through?

Ans. Informal analysis of the program source code to find defects and verify coding techniques.

8. What is Scalability Testing?

Scalability testing is done using load test by changing various software, hardware configurations and testing environment.

9. What is Difference between QA, QC and testing?

Ans. QA?
It is process oriented
Aim is to prevent defects in an application

Set of activities used to evaluate a developed work product
It is product oriented

Executing and verifying application with the intention of finding defects


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