What is Thread Group in the Jmeter ?

Thread group in the Test Plan- 

Thread Group: A test plan must have at least one thread group.

Add Thread Group Thread Group


Number of Threads (users): Simulates the number of user(s) or connection(s) to your server application.
Number of Threads: 100 (Number of users connects to target website: 100)

Loop Count: Defines the number of times to execute the test.
Loop Count: 10 (Number of time to execute testing)

Ramp-Up Period: It tells JMeter how long to delay before starting next user.
Ramp-Up Period: 100

For example, if we have 100 users and a 100 second Ramp-Up period, then the delay between starting users would be 1 second (100 users /100 seconds)

Delay request


Scheduler checkbox: Once selected, the Scheduler Configuration section will appear at the bottom of the control panel.

Scheduler Configuration: You can configure the start and end time of running the test.


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