software testing objective interview questions and answers

1. We split testing into distinct stages primarily because:

a) It is easier to manage testing in stages.
b) Each test stage has a different purpose.
c) We can run different tests in different environments.
d) The more stages we have, the better the testing.

Ans: B

2. Error guessing:

a) is not repeatable and should not be used.
b) can only be used in component, integration and system testing.
c) is only performed in user acceptance testing.
d) supplements formal test design techniques.

Ans: D

3. Which of the following is not described in a unit test standard?

a) Syntax testing
b) Equivalence partitioning
c) Modified condition/decision coverage
d) Stress testing

Ans: D

4. Data flow analysis studies:

a) The use of data on paths through the code.
b) The rate of change of data values as a program executes.
c) Possible communications bottlenecks in a program.
d) The intrinsic complexity of the code.

Ans: A

5. An important benefit of code inspections is that they:

a) Enable the code to be tested before the execution environment is ready.
b) Are cheap to perform.
c) Can be performed by inexperienced staff.
d) Can be performed by the person who wrote the code.

Ans: A

6. Which of the following is the best source of Expected Outcomes for User Acceptance Test scripts?

a) Actual results
b) Program specification
c) User requirements
d) System specification

Ans: C

7. Non-functional system testing includes:

a) Testing to see where the system does not function correctly
b) Testing quality attributes of the system including performance and usability
c) Testing for functions that should not exist
d) Testing a system function using only the software required for that function

Ans: B

8. Which of the following is NOT part of configuration management?

a) Identification of test versions
b) Status accounting of configuration items
c) Auditing conformance to ISO 9000
d) controlled library access

Ans: C

9. What is the purpose of a test completion criterion?

a) To know when a specific test has finished its execution
b) To determine when to stop testing
c) To set the criteria used in generating test inputs
d) To ensure that the test case specification is complete

Ans: B

10.Beta testing is:

a) Performed by an Independent Test Team
b) Performed by customers at the software developer’s site
c) Performed by customers at their own site
d) Performed as early as possible in the lifecycle

Ans: C

11. The main focus of acceptance testing is:

a) Finding faults in the system
b) Testing the system with other systems
c) Ensuring that the system is acceptable to all users
d) Testing from a business perspective

Ans: D

12. Which of the following statements about component testing is FALSE?

a) Black box test design techniques all have an associated test measurement technique
b) Cyclomatic complexity is not a test measurement technique
c) White box test design techniques all have an associated test measurement technique
d) Black box test measurement techniques all have an associated test design technique

Ans: A

13. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

a) Managers can perform inspections on management documents
b) Inspections should be led by a trained leader
c) Inspection is the most formal review process
d) Inspection is appropriate even when there are no written documents

Ans: D

14. A typical commercial test execution tool would be able to perform all of the following, EXCEPT:

a) Calculating expected outputs
b) Recording test inputs
c) Comparison of expected outcomes with actual outcomes
d) Reading test values from a data file

Ans: A

15. Which of the following is not part of performance testing?

a) Measuring response times
b) Generating many transactions
c) Simulating many users
d) Recovery testing

Ans: D

16. Error guessing is best used:

a) As the first approach to deriving test cases
b) After more formal techniques have been applied
c) By inexperienced testers
d) After the system has gone live

Ans: B

17. Software testing activities should start

a) As soon as the code is written
b) During the design stage
c) As soon as possible in the development life cycle
d) When the requirements have been formally documented

Ans: C

18. Faults found by users are due to:

a) Poor quality software
b) Bad luck
c) Poor software and poor testing
d) Insufficient time for testing

Ans: C

19. Which is not true-The black box tester

a) Should be able to understand the source code.
b) Should be able to understand a functional specification or requirements document
c) Is highly motivated to find faults
d) Is creative to find the system’s weaknesses

Ans: A

20. A test design technique is

a) A way to measure in a test plan what has to be done
b) A process for determining expected outputs
c) A way to measure the quality of software
d) A process for selecting test cases

Ans: D



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